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The Ultimate Website Maintenance Checklist: What to Do Every Month

It’s possible that things are going well on your website right now. There is no assurance that it will consistently operate at its best, though.

Your website needs regular maintenance, just like a car, to keep it running smoothly. For your business website, we’ve produced this comprehensive monthly website maintenance checklist.

You can keep up with the competition by keeping an eye on the speed and search engine performance of your website. This is a list of the things you should do each month to maintain your website.

Test the speed of your website

The effectiveness of your website greatly affects its success. According to studies, when a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of visitors leave. Even if visitors do stay on a website, it is unlikely that they will be impressed by its performance.

Your SEO may also be impacted by page performance, especially in light of the debut of the Core Web Vitals project.

With a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights, you can evaluate the speed of your website.

Google has also developed a specific reporting tool if the performance of your Core Web Vitals concerns you. This assesses your website in relation to the particular Core Web Vitals criteria.

Create and publish authentic content

A tried-and-true method of converting one-time visitors into devoted repeat clients is by consistently producing fascinating, pertinent content. In addition to positioning you as an authority in your field, content can increase conversions.

Your posts and pages are read by more than just people. This content will help search engines comprehend the purpose of your website. Thus, you can increase your chances of showing up in pertinent search engine results by consistently releasing resources like blog posts and articles.

You might want to think about working with an accomplished SEO team if you want to make sure you’re dominating the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. To support your keyword strategy, the professionals at Radium Web can produce and distribute a steady supply of top-notch content.

Boost the SEO for your website

With 8.5 billion searches taking place on Google every day, SEO is one upkeep duty you cannot afford to ignore. Since your website is already created, it’s likely that you’ve already determined the keywords you want to rank for. Although keyword popularity can fluctuate over time, it is helpful to assess whether you still need to modify your strategy.

Using a tool like Semrush’s Keyword Overview or Keyword Magic, you can see the current search volume.

You should check every aspect of your website to make sure it’s helping you rank for those terms once you’ve made any required adjustments to your keyword strategy. That’s no simple task!

You may use the DreamHost SEO Toolkit to your advantage. You can use this add-on to construct a unique SEO strategy thanks to its more than 100 automated tests and verifications. It can also aid in the execution of your SEO plan using effective on-page optimization tools.

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